We’re very excited about the second Startup Grind Chișinău event. This time around we will be chatting with Brian Flynn, a private investor and serial entrepreneur from Silicon Valley. Sounds cool, right? But also kind of vague… Well, below are the 9 things you need to know:


  1. Private investor
    A dude, or chick, that believes your startup is so amazing that is ready to give you some money to make it even better. But shush, he is making it privately… very…giphy (1)
  2.  Serial entrepreneur
    Like a killer, but in business.You should not mess with him, he is used to take risks, great risks.giphy (2)
  3. Startup
    That’s the risk part — which is basically you and your idea on how to “make the world a better place”.giphy (3)
  4. Investment opportunity
    That moment when you get noticed and someone is willing to give you money and you can, potentially, move out of your parent’s house.giphy (4)
  5. Founder Partners
    A company with a couple of dudes that are about to help you grow your startup from an idea, to a business.giphy-downsized-large
  6. Acquisition
    You are about to make a chunk of money because your company is bought by someone bigger who did not have your awesome inspiration.giphy (5)
  7. Exiting
    It’s like with relationships — sometimes it just doesn’t work out.giphy (6)
  8. Dreamups Innovation Campus
    A community where you will hear all of the above at least a dozen times a day while being helped to get your startup to a whole new level.giphy (7)
  9. Brian Flynn
    An awesome guy from Silicon Valley that has invested in many companies, some went on to be acquired by companies like Yahoo, while others were exited. Basically he is one of those people that ensure that the startup circle of life keeps on going. He will be on fire, so proceed carefully.giphy (8)

    aaand of course you already know this, but why not just mention it one more time — Startup Grind Chișinău — the most amazing community for startupers, entrepreneurs and tech savvy people, where they can meet, make friends, have fun and get inspired.giphy (9)

    Oh, almost forgot — don’t forget to grab your ticket, 10 bucks is not really that much, is it?


    See you there on June 30!